• Who is this for?

    These courses teach the quantitative skills required to excel in pricing analysis. Analysts on pricing, commercial, sales ops, and finance teams can improve their output via the Wiglaf Institute.

  • I'm a manager. Why should my team enroll?

    Pricing analysis is a critical interstitial function whose goal is improving profitability. It affects, and is affected by, sales, marketing, and finance decisions.

    You have many responsibilities. Teams need the right analytical training and skills to make the right decisions.

    Train your team all at once and onboard new hires. Increase your team's impact and influence across the organization.

    With the Wiglaf Institute, you know your team is equipped to deliver results.

  • I'm an analyst. Why should I enroll?

    Pricing is a growing function across industries and organizations. Be a part of this exciting growth by getting the skills needed to succeed.

    By acquiring new hard and relevant skills, you can get ahead of the competition for a new analyst role.

    Or, you can increase your value to your current organization and be known as someone who can deliver.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Due to the nature of the product, no refunds will be offered. All sales are final.